VIDEO: Why the low prices for Canadian oil?

As oil from Alberta continues to sell at record discounts, American refineries are enjoying lucrative profit margins at the expense of Canadian oil producers. But beyond pipelines not being built, what’s behind the issues Canada’s […]

Culture & Health

Why So Many People Hate Winter

Research suggests that there are two kinds of people who tolerate the cold very well: indigenous Arctic groups, and men. And the more people are exposed to cold temperatures, the better they acclimate. Over the […]

U.S. Government

DeVos Paints Doomsday Student Debt Landscape

Digging into the numbers further, she painted a bleak picture: Only 24 percent of federal aid borrowers are currently paying down both principal and interest, she stressed, close to 20 percent of all loans are […]

Culture & Health

Here’s How Higher Education Dies

In the spring of 2013, there were 19,105,651 students enrolled in higher ed; this spring, there were 17,839,330, according to recently released data from the National Center for Education Statistics. That represents a roughly 7-percent […]